The company ImmerSolution was founded by François Hugues Liberge after a significative journey through applied 3D visualisation technologies. We are the official canadian reseller for the Matterport’s technology and hosting services. We provide our customers with cutting edge technology and full support in the process of producing 3D immersive environments.

Who is MatterPort?
Matterport is an immersive media technology company that builds 3D media solutions that power industries from real estate to entertainment, and everywhere in between. Our team has built the first end-to-end media platform that allows users to easily create, modify, navigate, and build on digital representations of real places. Founded in 2011, Matterport is building our founders’ vision of creating a complete virtual model of the world that changes the way individuals and industries interact with physical spaces.

Why buy the camera from Immersolution
Canada vs US ?




Local service and training will only be provided to customers who purchase their camera from Immersolution


3 Steps Matterport's Technology

Scan a Space

Scan any place with the push- button simple Matterport Pro Camera. Scanning is lightning- fast, incredibly easy, and fully automated for consistent results, every time.

To watch video clic here

Upload to the Cloud

Upload your scans to the Cloud, where powerful algorithms go to work processing your real-world data into an immersive Matterport Space. In a matter of hours, it’s ready to access from anywhere.

Share and Engage

Your beautiful, fully immersive Space is easily distributed using our in- browser tools. Embed it in any website just like a video so users can experience on web and mobile. No plug-ins or downloads.


Matterport Pro Camera

Designed as a powerful tool that is unbelievably easy to use, our Pro Camera collects accurate visual and spatial data to map entire areas in minutes. We’ve focused on automation and ease of use to produce reliable results with almost no training.

The Matterport Pro Camera requires a Cloud Plan subscription purchased from Matterport. Terms, conditions, and pricing are subject to change without notice.

Matterport Cloud

Pack a planet into a cloud. The Matterport Cloud. All of your captured Spaces are processed, organized, and hosted in the Matterport Cloud for easy access, wherever you are. Our tools are built to work with your workflow.


High-resolution Photos

Download print-ready Snapshots from any angle, inside and out, to use in every marketing campaign – print, digital, and more! Generate high-resolution photographs for your clients with up to 36 MP for brochures, magazines, and HD displays.

Crystal-Clear Showcase Experiences

Improved brightness resolution and color depth means improved visuals in every view – including our proprietary Dollhouse View!

Enhanced Zooming Functionality

Get ready for 3x the fun! With the Pro2 Camera, you can zoom up to 3x (as opposed to 2x with the Pro camera) to see every fine detail of your Space.

Built-In GPS

Prepare for future integrations with built-in GPS, like our new Syndication feed with Realtor.com, NYT Real Estate, and more! Note: This program is currently in Beta.

Same Push-Button Simple Operation

The Pro2 Camera is the same size and shape of the Matterport Pro Camera, so your existing tripods, QR-clamps, and carrying cases will all still work. And you operate the Pro2 with the same, super-simple Capture App.